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These are short sample reports to illustrate the kinds of information we can provide for your market. These samples won't help you! You need to target the words your prospects use when searching for things related to your ideas, products, and services; not Britney Spears and warez. For help developing a market strategy specific to your market, talk to a live consultant at 408-705-2284. 10-7 Pacific, 1-10 Eastern time. Tap three generations of consulting experience; serving the web since 1995, the world since 1933.

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Top Fifteen "Uk" Query Phrases

#Rank Percent Query / Link
384 0.01402 wooden playhouse uk
1808 0.00584 farouk chi professional
2001 0.00561 discount farouk chi irons
2771 0.00491 yahoo co uk
2771-T 0.00491 suzuki escudo
3052 0.00467 uknewspapers
3052-T 0.00467 divorce statistics in the uk
3389 0.00444 uk acupuncture sport shoes
3789 0.00421 suzuki
3789-T 0.00421 st lukes hospital houston
3789-T 0.00421 mantisuks guestbook
3789-T 0.00421 kyoko fukada
4263 0.00397 uk second hand boats
4263-T 0.00397 pipe bending fabrication uk
4263-T 0.00397 converse uk
4766 0.00374 uk posters
Copyright (C) Apr 14, 103 JVV
Reproduction without permission strictly PROHIBITED.

Percentage is based upon 4279 "uk" related queries sampled.
(More phrases below statistics tables.)

This is about Traffic!

This is about traffic -- buying traffic -- and how to get more of it. It is about how people search, the words they use. Use their words -- often enough -- and you will be found.

Our custom reports help you find out

  • How people search in your market
  • What word combinations work best
  • Who's on top -- how leading brands rank
  • What people want to know about your products and services
In other words, how to get found -- even in highly contested markets!

Where is Your Cyber-Store?

Ever hear the first three rules of retailing?
Location, Location, Location!

So where is your store in cyber-space?

Your cyber-store store address is your keywords! Unless you are running a multi-million dollar advertising campaign, most people find you in the search engines by the words you use. If your words match match the words they search with, you get found. If you show them you have what they want right at the top, they will stay and look around your site.

Your internet store front is not your home page; it is your META Description tag, and the first use of each key word in your text. That is what people see in most of the search engine listings. It should tell people why they should look at your page.

If you understand these concepts, we can help you find the right words for your products and services. Our market research will help drive more traffic, more buying traffic to your web pages. Call us at 408-705-2284, 10 - 7 Pacific time. (1-11pm Eastern time)

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Weekly "Uk" Keyword Statistics

Rank%QueriesSearch Term/
Web Pages
As Q(Q/#Pg)
#1 120.8927 uk 35183010 0.76059237
#2 52.6759 cft 40844 124.38830673
#3 13.6013 in
#4 9.8621 rs 4296136 0.04145213
#5 8.8105 suzuki 930723 0.15270816
#6 8.0159 ti 3983561 0.02953363
#7 7.8289 the
#8 7.5251 co 58802106 0.00176327
#9 5.6789 of
#10 3.9963 for
#11 3.8560 f
#12 3.7158 milwaukee 1453993 0.01738729
#13 3.1549 sale 11883814 0.00153360
#14 2.8745 luke 1604165 0.00943107
#15 2.8278 to
#16 2.4071 lt121s1 149 71.20134228
#17 2.3837 aic 196764 0.05287553
#18 2.3370 f
#19 2.0098 s
#20 1.8696 ukraine 1057086 0.00605438
#20 -T 1.8696 jukebox 342984 0.01865976
#20 -T 1.8696 free 190677121 0.00003356
#20 -T 1.8696 car 16183400 0.00039547
#24 1.8462 wooden 1215561 0.00513425
#25 1.8229 parts 10537517 0.00057737
#26 1.7294 buy 15268139 0.00035866
#27 1.6826 used 56562254 0.00009165
#28 1.5658 playhouse 234659 0.01912989
#29 1.5424 motorcycle 1026440 0.00424379
#30 1.5190 ah 2819755 0.00149836
#31 1.4256 st
#32 1.4022 from 270394286 0.00001331
#33 1.3555 statistics 8257606 0.00040738
#33 -T 1.3555 b
#35 1.2853 yukon 427263 0.00707995
#35 -T 1.2853 pam 1278921 0.00236528
#35 -T 1.2853 com 273846990 0.00001105
#38 1.2620 on
#38 -T 1.2620 discount 5456052 0.00053445
#40 1.2386 shoes 2941307 0.00095502
#41 1.2152 sales 17828385 0.00015167
#42 1.1919 divorce 1522913 0.00170791
#43 1.1685 hand 16799968 0.00014881
#43 -T 1.1685 cheap 2463880 0.00101466
#45 1.1218 yahoo
#45 -T 1.1218 second 27993257 0.00008231
#45 -T 1.1218 online
#45 -T 1.1218 map 23245218 0.00009912
#45 -T 1.1218 hospital 9124142 0.00025252
#50 1.0984 shops 2229148 0.00099096
#50 -T 1.0984 a
Rank%QueriesSearch Term/
Web Pages
As Q(Q/#Pg)
#52 1.0750 phuket 239208 0.00884586
#52 -T 1.0750 motorcycles 629702 0.00336032
#54 1.0516 leukemia 344595 0.00587646
#55 1.0283 auctions 2400315 0.00080656
#56 1.0049 pictures 19803184 0.00009337
#57 0.9815 pages 38551030 0.00004576
#57 -T 0.9815 london 10191037 0.00017309
#59 0.9582 tv 17825826 0.00009430
#59 -T 0.9582 hotels 7159080 0.00023481
#61 0.9348 music 34306675 0.00004664
#62 0.9114 converse 221931 0.00685348
#63 0.8881 train 4009224 0.00036017
#63 -T 0.8881 pkm 13034 0.11078717
#63 -T 0.8881 gay 8968856 0.00016100
#63 -T 0.8881 escudo 157067 0.00919353
#67 0.8413 search 65524645 0.00001978
#67 -T 0.8413 police 8234188 0.00015739
#67 -T 0.8413 maps 6991215 0.00018538
#67 -T 0.8413 jobs 10889508 0.00011901
#71 0.8179 irons 276371 0.00443245
#71 -T 0.8179 ebay 1181791 0.00103656
#71 -T 0.8179 children 28245522 0.00004337
#74 0.7946 saint 4220495 0.00027390
#74 -T 0.7946 finder 2026095 0.00057056
#74 -T 0.7946 at
#77 0.7712 ukrainian 820164 0.00132778
#77 -T 0.7712 kyoko 70256 0.01550046
#77 -T 0.7712 fukada 6212 0.17530586
#77 -T 0.7712 clothing 3599443 0.00030255
#81 0.7478 directory 26506650 0.00003863
#81 -T 0.7478 bikes 900507 0.00113714
#83 0.7245 university 60220516 0.00001596
#83 -T 0.7245 magazine 12311183 0.00007806
#83 -T 0.7245 lukes
#86 0.7011 professional 14122341 0.00006373
#86 -T 0.7011 insurance 12946831 0.00006952
#86 -T 0.7011 home 156431724 0.00000575
#86 -T 0.7011 boats 2242906 0.00040127
#90 0.6777 universities 2813032 0.00029897
#90 -T 0.6777 news 69576964 0.00001209
#90 -T 0.6777 juke 94349 0.00891371
#90 -T 0.6777 houston 3858215 0.00021798
#90 -T 0.6777 embassy 887574 0.00094753
#90 -T 0.6777 boat 4759185 0.00017671
#90 -T 0.6777 airport 4681725 0.00017963
#97 0.6544 guide 27829692 0.00002817
#98 0.6310 telephone 11884815 0.00006134
#98 -T 0.6310 picture 40979695 0.00001779
#98 -T 0.6310 people 58554422 0.00001245
Copyright (C) Apr 14, 103 JVV
Reproduction without permission strictly PROHIBITED.

Percentage is based upon 4279 "uk" related queries sampled.
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Explanation of terms

  • Rank: Number of items more popular than this one. Based on samples selected for "Uk".
  • Where -T denotes a tie, counting does not stop.
  • Percent: Percentage use in queries using "Uk".
    Percentage is based upon 4279 "uk" related queries sampled.
  • Competing pages: Pages found for the single keyword named in the line.
  • Strength: Very crude measure of the traffic a keyword may attract.Strength = #Queries x ( #Queries / #Web pages )
  • Links are to the statistical report page for the selected word.

"Uk" Web Page Demographics

Writing "Uk" web pages? Use META keywords with more market share -- less existing page competition, yet fair usage in queries related to your main topic. Why compete head-on in keyword neighborhoods where page demographics give you poor market share? ao where "Uk" competition is less fierce, and each query for your keywords is more likely to get you responsive hits. Writing for other keywords? Subscribe to a report listing your most important words. We can help you with that. E-Mail

Most search engines only scan the first thousand characters of the meta tags, and penalize those who engage in keyword spamming. Make each keyword count. Play fair, and people will play fair with you.

What is the price of a web presence? Yes, the pages and servers can cost money; but the real cost is the labor of handling e-mail from prospects.

You are not accepting e-mail? Then you are turning away prospective customers who want more detail than you present on your web pages. Yet if your pages attract too many cruisers and tire kickers, you will drown trying to keep up with your e-mail.

The answer is "narrow-casting" your pages to specific demographic market clusters based upon what vocabulary your prospective customers are using when they ask about your products.

Use those words and phrases to target your web pages to interested participants and buyers, not "channel surfers" and "tire kickers" with nothing better to do than take up your time and waste your web budget. Quality content, not quantity and fancy graphics, brings true customers.

Remember, your store front is your meta tags, not your graphics loaded home page. Most hits come from search engines, bypassing your home page for the content pages on your site. (We can help)

"Uk" Web Queries

This web market research report is based on a statistical sampling of "Uk" matching keywords used in searches on the World Wide Web. Click on the keyword links in the tables for reports on associated keywords.

How To Use This Market Research Report

There are two sources of keywords: Your customers and your customers! Find what words your customers have used to find you by looking through your web server logs. Find the words you are not found by, by using our more selective custom reports. Then use those words in your text, headers, and meta tags.
  • To help you write pages people want to read:
    • To see which topics people look for more often.
    • To identify Targets of Opportunity -- sub-topic areas with growing interest within your topic.
    • To identify hot words to put in titles and headers to keep your readers reading.
  • To help you build your search engine strategy:
    • To see how many pages compete over your keywords.
    • To identify keywords with less competition, where your pages can have more effect.
    • To see which topic specific keywords to put in the first 1000 characters of your meta tags.
    • To weed out the less valuable keywords from your Meta tags, so they don't grow too long.
Do people read things they are not interested in? Find out what they ARE interested in BEFORE you write. Then use those words and phrases in:
  • Title
    • <TITLE> Bold Headline </TITLE>
    • Your primary link!
    • aet their attention!
    • aet them to ask "What is this?"
    • <META NAME="description" CONTENT="what this is">
    • Your store front display on the web!
    • What have you got?
    • Why should I read it?
    • Try to keep it under two lines.
    • Use more pages, not longer meta descriptions!
    • <META NAME="keyword" CONTENT="word1, word2,...">
    • Your essential words
    • Primary words to index by
    • Primary words to find your page under
    • Help eliminate those NOT looking for your topic
    • Max about 1000 characters
    • Remember, attract users, not cruisers!
  • Header lines
    • Separate related but different sections
    • Is this section relevant to my problem?
    • Can I skip this section?
  • Navigation bars
    • <A NAME="word"> ... </A>
    • <A HREF="#word">Word </A>
    • aive users quick access within pages
  • Most important of all, The Text Itself!
    • Use keywords instead of "it"
    • Use them in meaningful phrases
  • Do NOT SPAM the Search Engines!
    • Do not string the same words over and over!
    • Do not hide words behind color backgrounds!
    • Do not jam keywords in meaningless phrases!
    • Different topics, Different pages!
  • Attract Users, not Cruisers
    • People talk about meaningful pages
    • People link to meaningful pages
    • People print and share meaningful pages with non-net friends and relatives
  • Remember: Content Sells!
To find out what keywords people are using to find your pages,
subscribe to our Top 500 Custom report. Or our weekly Free Top 200 Report. And bookmark this site.

More on META tags at Search Engine Watch
Search engine comparisons at".

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Weekly Top 100 "Uk" Query Phrases

#Rank Percent Query / Link
384 0.01402 wooden playhouse uk
1808 0.00584 farouk chi professional
2001 0.00561 discount farouk chi irons
2771 0.00491 yahoo co uk
2771-T 0.00491 suzuki escudo
3052 0.00467 uknewspapers
3052-T 0.00467 divorce statistics in the uk
3389 0.00444 uk acupuncture sport shoes
3789 0.00421 suzuki
3789-T 0.00421 st lukes hospital houston
3789-T 0.00421 mantisuks guestbook
3789-T 0.00421 kyoko fukada
4263 0.00397 uk second hand boats
4263-T 0.00397 pipe bending fabrication uk
4263-T 0.00397 converse uk
4766 0.00374 uk posters
5433 0.00351 uk parts of bey blades websites
5433-T 0.00351 tailguards sales uk
5433-T 0.00351 singapore embassy in uk
5433-T 0.00351 police auctions in uk
5433-T 0.00351 motorcycle at ebay co uk
5433-T 0.00351 dancewear uk
6117 0.00327 uk people finder
6117-T 0.00327 satellite navigation uk portable
6117-T 0.00327 leukemia
7035 0.00304 used spare parts triumph uk
7035-T 0.00304 train timetables uk
7035-T 0.00304 saint luke
7035-T 0.00304 bukkake
8015 0.00280 yahoo uk
8015-T 0.00280 suzuki motorcycles
8015-T 0.00280 stun guns uk
8015-T 0.00280 music match jukebox
8015-T 0.00280 birman rescue uk
8015-T 0.00280 amazon videos uk
9311 0.00257 uk buddhist course
9311-T 0.00257 suzuki tlr
9311-T 0.00257 police auctions uk
9311-T 0.00257 paintball shops uk
9311-T 0.00257 free bukakke
9311-T 0.00257 duke university
10708 0.00234 used suzuki motorcycles
10708-T 0.00234 syence uk
10708-T 0.00234 printing sponges cleaning uk
10708-T 0.00234 nowuk magazine
10708-T 0.00234 leukopenia
10708-T 0.00234 farouk chi
12817 0.00210 uk maps
12817-T 0.00210 uk divorce statistics
12817-T 0.00210 trampoline uk buy
12817-T 0.00210 duke3d
12817-T 0.00210 discount uk cosmetics
15112 0.00187 vril montauk
15112-T 0.00187 volkswagen - awesome gti store uk
15112-T 0.00187 uk universities list
15112-T 0.00187 uk tv guide
15112-T 0.00187 uk second hand boat
15112-T 0.00187 ukraine
15112-T 0.00187 uk national lottery
15112-T 0.00187 uk
15112-T 0.00187 the haruka tenoh shrine - megumi ogata
15112-T 0.00187 suzuki rv50
15112-T 0.00187 suzuki motorcycle parts
15112-T 0.00187 sukebe links
15112-T 0.00187 second hand bmx bikes uk
15112-T 0.00187 milwaukee tools
15112-T 0.00187 manukau institute of technology
15112-T 0.00187 kristin kreuk
15112-T 0.00187 converse shoes uk
15112-T 0.00187 computer parts uk
15112-T 0.00187 children s clothing uk
15112-T 0.00187 all ukraine hotels
19091 0.00164 wooden playhouses uk
19091-T 0.00164 vegetarian shoes uk
19091-T 0.00164 uk marriage agency
19091-T 0.00164 uk map
19091-T 0.00164 uk horse racing results
19091-T 0.00164 toyota celica uk
19091-T 0.00164 telephone numbers uk
19091-T 0.00164 tag heuer shops in uk
19091-T 0.00164 suzuki tl1000r
19091-T 0.00164 stena uk
19091-T 0.00164 sign in yahoo co uk
19091-T 0.00164 pushchairs uk
19091-T 0.00164 parcel delivery uk
19091-T 0.00164 motorcycle insurance uk
19091-T 0.00164 map of uk
19091-T 0.00164 kristen kreuk
19091-T 0.00164 gay uk home page
19091-T 0.00164 childhood leukemia faq
19091-T 0.00164 chainsaws uk
19091-T 0.00164 auto trader uk
19091-T 0.00164 apostle luke
19091-T 0.00164 amazon co uk
23264 0.00140 wall paper uk
23264-T 0.00140 uk yellow pages
23264-T 0.00140 uk telephone directories
23264-T 0.00140 ukranian nymphets
23264-T 0.00140 uk martial arts equipment
23264-T 0.00140 ukjobs
23264-T 0.00140 uk classifieds
Copyright (C) Apr 14, 103 JVV
Reproduction without permission strictly PROHIBITED.

Percentage is based upon 4279 "uk" related queries sampled.
Know anyone else who could use a copy of this table?

Questions and Answers

How do I get a better position on the search engines?
A: First, see which search phrase "cyber street" has more of your kind of traffic. See "
Zero Competition".

Q: How often do you sample
A: We sample about three to six million queries a week, two to four thousand queries a minute.

Q: Which engines do you poll
A: As many as we can. Want a free report? Tell us how to get a reliable public peephole for an engine we don't already poll, and we'll give you a custom subscription free.

Q: What about down time?
A: Engines may become unavailable from time to time, and some even recycle fake query pages. Our own down time averages less than an hour or two a week. That's because we are UNIX based, with machines that run for months without crashing.

Q: What variations do you find between the engines?
A:The top items on the larger general purpose engines are quite similar. Often, the more common words may be a few positions higher or lower in rank on the different engines. There are FAR more variations hour to hour and day to day, than between engines. After all, the nature of our preoccupations changes on daily, weekly, and seasonal cycles. Hot news items usually hit all the engines.

Q: Isn't that like playing the stock market?
A: YES!You are investing in a stock market of themes and words. Where are you going to get the information to make a wise investment? Subscribe!

Q: What are the Custom reports like?
A: Just like this "Uk" report. Some specialty keywords may have less than 500 queries, while others have a lot. It just depends on the topic.

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