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Are you guessing what words to use on your web pages?

Get the latest information, updated weekly, and be sure to use the most asked for words to describe your products.

"If you don't subscribe to this service, you should. Over the years, I have found it invaluable. While we always think we know what keywords we should use, often the visitor surprises us."
George Matyjewicz, Moderator
E-Tailer's Digest --- Everything for the Retailer
Subcriber since 1999

We'll help you select six keywords that reflect your product or service, and keep you up to date on how those words are being used in queries on the search engines.

500 top phrases matching your keywords
500 top keywords from matching phrases
E-mailed report
Related web pages include CDF format lists

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KeyTrack 500 Online


Impatient, need answers now?
Involved in linguistics research projects?
Servicing multiple clients?

Tap our weekly and other databases with KeyTrack Online using a web form to enter keywords. Results e-mailed and put in your web area, usually within minutes. (See also Research R100 and Research Q35 products for larger databases.)

$425 for 100 C500 style reports, or $1000 for 500.
Includes initial training session and support.
(Based on use of weekly database. Other databases and services may have different prices. Price acts as a retainer for online services.)

Top 1000 Weekly
Top 3/24 Nightly

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How did world events affect what people want to know?
Did your ad campaign make a dent?
Is the FBI after your market?

These are just some of the things you can learn by lookind at the top thousand queries on the web.

When President Clinton mentioned another health care plan the day before Christmas, "managed care" swamped "Santa Claus" for two and a half days running.

When Sophia Loren appeared on The Charlie Rose Show late one night, "Loren" catapulted to the top of the list for hours. The re-broadcast the next day pushed it to the top for most of the hours of the next month and a half! Yet hardly anyone had pages about "Loren"

When The Hair Club for Men advertised Rogaine in the wee hours of the night in 1999, it had a one hour spike, regular as clockwork.

When the FBI went after casino gambling scams in 2000, gambling terminology was a the top of the list hour after hour till a few hours before they started making arrests.

Will your ad campaigns reach this magnitude? Will you know enough to take advantage of world events? These reports can tell alert you, and show you how.

$20 Top 1,000 weekly e-mail
$195 Top 3/24 Nightly, with related web site listing top 7 queries per hour, top 100 queries of the day.
Both, $200.

InDepth 2K


Need to know what's really going on?
Need ALL the queries for each top term?
Want to see hour-by-hour charts?

This is what the dealers use to create their own Top 1K products.

  • Top 2000 queries
  • Report for each query term
  • Four week week-by-week chart per term
  • One week hour-by-hour one week chart per term
  • Related web sites
  • All related queries per term

$1495, one year access.
Web based product
Includes support

Research 4000

  Major web site design?
Need in-depth data about a broad subject?

100 keywords produce 100 reports and 100 lists of keywords and search phrases in comma delimited format. Can be used to produce prototype pages.

Don't know 100 keywords? Don't worry, we let you query the weekly database on line to see what words are relevant, then run them on a year's worth of data -- over a hundred million queries -- to see what words are relevant.

Includes a consultation to help you get started and support during the process.
Allow up to two weeks for all the steps, including your "incubation period" after the first pass.

Quick Research 35


Don't have 100 Keywords?

Not quite as extensive as the Research 4000, but quicker.

Give us 35 keywords, and well run it on one year's worth of data to produce 35 lists of up to 4,000 phrases and 4,000 words in comma delimited format.

Includes initial consultation session and support.

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